Controller and Auditor General of India



Table of Contents

Volume II



 Part I

5. Statement of Progressive Capital expenditure 37-43
6. Statement of Borrowings and other Liabilities 44-48
7. Statement of Loans and Advances mader by the Government 49-51
8. Statement containing details of total funds released during the year as Grants-in-aid and funds allocated for creation of Assets 52-53
9. Statement of Guarantees given by the Government 54-57
10. Statement of Voted and Charged Expenditure 58

Part II

11. Detailed Statement of Revenue and Capital  Receipts by minor heads 60-94
12. Detailed Statement of Revenue Expenditure by minor heads 95-159
13. Detailed Statement of Capital Expenditure 160-207
-14. Detailed Statement  of Investments of the Government 208-226
15. Detailed Statement of Borrowings and Other Liabilities 227-245
16. Detailed Statement on Loans and Advances made by the Government 246-273
17. Detailed Statement on Sources and Application of funds for Expenditure other than on Revenue Account 274-278
18. Detailed Statement on Contingency Fund and  Public Account transactions 279-298
19. Detailed Statement on Investments of Earmarked Funds 299-305


II. Comparative Expenditure on Salary by Major heads 309-319
III. Comparative Expenditure on Subsidy 320-325
IV. Grants-in-aid/Assistance given by the State govt. (Scheme wise and Institution wise) 326-354
V. Details of Externally Aided Projects 355-356
VI. Plan Scheme expenditure (Central  and State Plan Schemes) 357-364
VII. Direct transfer of funds to implementing agencies in the state 365-366
VIII. Summary of Balances 367-373
IX. Financial Results of Irrigation Works 374-377
X. Statement of commitments on incomplete public works contracts  378-386
XI. Statement on Maintenance Expenditure of the state 387-392
XII. Statement of items for which allocation of balances as a result of re-organization  of States has not been finalized 393-394
XII. Implications for major policy decisions 395

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