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The office of the Accountant General (A&E), Haryana, Chandigarh  is part of the Indian Audit & Accounts Department under the Comptroller & Auditor General of India (CAG). The main duties and powers of the CAG of India include audit of receipts and expenditure of the Union and the State Governments and compilation and consolidation of Civil Accounts of the Government of States and Union Territories.

The offices of the Accountants General under the CAG of India authorise payment of pension and other retirement  benefits to the employees of most of the State Governments and Union Territories and maintains their Provident Fund Accounts.


Detailed Accounts

Accounts at a Glance

1. Appropriation Accounts-2018-19
2. Finance Account-2018-19 (Vol-1)
Finance Account-2018-19 (Vol-II)
Account at a Glance-2018-19

3. Appropriation Accounts-2017-18
4. Finance Account-2017-18 (Vol-1)
Finance Account-2017-18 (Vol-II)
Account at a Glance-2017-18

5. Appropriation Accounts-2016-17
6. Finance Account-2016-17 (Vol-1)
Finance Account-2016-17 (Vol-II)
Account at a Glance-2016-17

7. Appropriation Accounts-2015-16
8. Finance Account-2015-16 (Vol-1)
Finance Account-2015-16 (Vol-II)
Account at a Glance-2015-16

9. Appropriation Accounts-2014-15
10. Finance Account-2014-15 (Vol-1)
Finance Account-2014-15 (Vol-II)
Account at a Glance-2014-15

11. Appropriation Accounts-2013-14
12. Finance Account-2013-14 (Vol-1)
Finance Account-2013-14 (Vol-II)
Account at a Glance-2013-14

13. Appropriation Accounts-2012-13
14. Finance Account-2012-13 (Vol-1)
Finance Account-2012-13 (Vol-II)
Account at a Glance-2012-13

15. Appropriation Accounts-2011-12
16. Finance Account-2011-12 (Vol-1)
Finance Account-2011-12 (Vol-II)
Account at a Glance-2011-12

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